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St. Ape

Only a few are genius

What started as a dream is now a label with its own flagship store in the heart of Amsterdam. ST. APE is one of a genius few, but so is FLIRT, so we were entrusted to create the branding and production of the entire label, from APE - Z. From there, a visual and verbal style around the concept of salvation was (re)born as well as a divine way to interpret clothing: couture-à-porter.

Couture-à-porter combines the unique qualities of couture with the accessibility of pret-à-porter fashion. FLIRT concepted and produced this photoshoot which later appeared on billboards around the city, increasing visibility for the brand.

Simple, sleek, and sophisticated.

We translated the qualities of ST. APE’s customers into a look on the website they can relate with.

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St. Ape


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