Client: Wiser Wash
Deliverables: Brand development, brand manual, concept, design, copy 

'Wiser Wash', a revolutionary idea within the denim industry asked us to realize their innovative technique into a clear and concrete movement through the use of branding. With the denim industry being one of the most polluting in the world, Wiser Wash provides brands and manufacturers with the necessary tools to clean up their processes. #jointherevolution commits itself to not using any hazardous chemicals, wasting less water and showing greater care for the environment without making concessions to aesthetics.  

As a result, we took the sustainability vision of Wiser Wash as a leading thread in the branding, by creating a new house style that really fit with their vision. Refreshing colors and an improved positioning, which brought the Wiser Wash message to life and communicated clearly to its customers, Flirt Creativity demonstrated the power of the concept and process.We wanted to put the brand strongly in its own rights and values. In addition, the Wiser Wash website also got a refresher, so nothing can stop them from making jeans more sustainable and communicating their goal of improving a piece of the denim world.