Walmac branding


Client: Walmac M&A Consultancy
Deliverables: Brand Strategy | logo design | branding | visual identity | styleguide | webdesign
Site: www.walmac.nl

Yme van der Wal, a well known and respected m&a consultant, stepped into our office with a clear vision: I want to Flirt Creativity to develop a visual brand identity that will stand out in the financial sector without loosing the corporate style. Being a mergers & acquisitions consultant you are constantly in the middle of two parties. Therefor we create a logo with two diamond shapes. Each representing a party. The two shapes are connected by horizontal beams. To generate a rich look and feel, we used marble as brand element. 

Those connections are a metaphor for the task of a m&a consultant; bringing two parties together and making sure they both get the best deal out of the the merge or acquisition. As an additional brand property we chose to use a two-tone marble print. Marble is a high end piece of material, therefore it’s a great platform to use as imagery instead of standard photography.