Client: Brunotti
Deliverables: Strategy | Concept | Social media campaign | Webdesign | Coding | Influencer marketing | Social community

One of our sexiest campaigns of the last year definitely was the Brunotti SUP campaign to create branded content perfectly aligned towards the public with the use of influencers. The latest addition to the Brunotti ‘Get on board' campaign was all about approaching a new and constantly growing target group; young women with an interest in sports, fashion and a healthy lifestyle.

We decided to develop an online campaign by creating online content together with ten of the most popular and most relevant online influencers. The cross channel approach allowed the brand to reach a total of 2.5 million followers all in once.


Take a look at the interactive campaign page we've built to keep our followers
posted during and after the trip. To generate more commitment the user could subscribe to the feed to receive updates and in addition to get a chance
at winning a SUP trip to Sardinia.


By selecting the most influential content creators in fashion, sports and lifestyle, we created a direct link between their followers and Brunotti as a brand. We organised a trip to the surfal coast of Portugal, where we allowed the influencers to experience the true SUP lifestyle. Dressed in the latest SUP active collection, the went on daily work-outs and SUP trips along the coast of Portugal. 

By bringing a fashion photographer, we created on the spot content, which the girls used for their daily posts on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. The campaign was supported by both online, offline and in-store communication followed by a contest in which consumers got the chance to win a SUP trip after purchasing an item out of the SUP Collection. Results where astonishing. Next to the campaign concept and strategy, Flirt Creativity developed the campaign visuals and the campaign page.

Kimberley Klaver @kimberleyklaver
Lizzy van der Ligt @lizzyvdligt
Xenia van der Woodsen @xeniaoverdose
Sabrina Meijer @intoitmagazine