Saint Ape


Client: ST.APE
Deliverables: logo, product development, design, branding, creative direction, campaign, market strategy, web design, web development, PR, social strategy

ST.APE, the new contemporary men’s and women’s fashion label comes to the market wanting to shake up the industry landscape with a commitment to quality, customer service and attention to detail. With a Treasury of Denim mindset, ST. APE pursues great design and great fit with a focus on the best denim and leather materials available.    Inspired by the innate differences between monkeys and apes, the brand’s iconic GIBBON logo decorates details on the brand’s newest collection, acting as the purveyor of the brand’s minimalist aesthetic.   

By taking inspiration from the core beliefs of the brand, Flirt helped make ambition reality. Building the brand from the foundations of logo development and brand identity, the partnership between the parties continues to extend to product development, social strategy, PR and campaign execution. The results from this long-standing relationship can be witnessed from the latest photoshoot and video, as well the newest and fully integrated MAGENTO2 website.