Interactive Video



Client: ROC Midden Nederland 
Deliverables: Video concept, art direction, production, post-production, technical implementation 

ROCM came to Flirt with a desire to showcase their Amersfoort campus facilities to potential students. Not content with doing things the normal way, we created a concept for a video that would answer the client’s brief through gamification and a gripping storyline set in the school.    

Using some of the school’s student talent for the cast, it added an extra layer of authenticity to ROCM’s appeal to new students. With a compelling video treatment, engaging script and incredible team, the result showcases how doing things that little bit differently from your competitors can make a huge statement.   

When four ordinary students find themselves locked in a deserted school after a project mysteriously goes wrong, they embark on a joint adventure of self-development that changes their relationships forever. Play the multiple-choice video to discover the secrets of ROCM Amersfoort.