Client: Just Brands
Deliverables: Strategy | concept | campaign | video | photography 

In the past PME Legend was named Pall Mall, but— due to regulations — a big name change was needed. We shaped this transition by truly claiming its iconic cargo pilot brand platform. Thus, creating an even more memorable image. 

So how did we claim this platform and smoothly carried of the change of name? PME Legend Jeans - Manufactured to last, tailored for comfort.

The Aviator has landed

To do this PME Legend introduced a fragrance like any other fashion brand. With a TV-commercial, a great story was told about a place where the spirit of the true cargo pilots still existed. This place was found in Bolivia, where many planes provided meat from the Amazon rainforest to the higher elevations in the Andes Mountains. 

This freshly cut meat was the new gold. Previously, this had to be done with a truck and sometimes took days. Now, by plane, a new market was born and the cargo pilots flew their tours of duty. This was such a success that the fragrance was getting out of stock in no time. To push the brand even further, we figured out that a pair of jeans is a far better choice for a tv ad.  We added the visually striking Aviator jeans for a new and mesmerizing tv ad. 

The combination of name, the story that was told and the copy: “the aviator has landed” formed a strong message for PME Legend. To keep up with the demand, PME Legend was forced to increase the production of the Aviator jeans. The TV ad was the cherry on the cake of the campaign, but we also created outdoor material, various POS material, window stickers, branded shelves, fleet marketing and we even collaborated with Discovery channel.

The results

The fuel for the Aviator campaign becoming a success was the unique partnership between Flirt Creativity and PME Legend. Not long after the launch of the campaign PME Legend sold more jeans than they had ever done and stocks were running out everywhere. What started as a change of name with a fragrance, turned out to be one of the biggest success in Dutch jeans history.