Client: OneMeeting
Deliverables: Concept, Branding, Graphic design 

OneMeeting is an independent, international intermediary for all types of meetings and business encounters. With access to a wide range of locations and clients worldwide, they needed a brand concept and identity that resonated with their personal approach to customer service and link to hospitality.        

Our approach meant speaking to customers through brand-driven storytelling that linked to human driven solutions. With a concept rooted in the disconnected work/life balance that has been having a moment, where the words ‘work’ and ‘meeting’ have notoriously complicated connotations, our aim was to present OneMeeting as a solution provider and an unforgettable encounters facilitator.

Choosing to depict the brand within a work-home narrative, we shift the confusion and agony of business meetings into solutions with a friendly feeling. Making work and meetings feel more personal, familiar and closer to what we feel when we’re away from work. It’s where OneMeeting can call itself home.

The entire brand identity was created in such a way that you could instantly recognize the original concept.  From the colour pallet who’s names included “Latte Beige” and “Window Blue”, to the “doodles” which reflected the brand’s human centred approach to doing business, and the new photography treatment that emphasised stories and a personal approach -Flirt gave the brand growth potential in their new identity for a global market.