Client: O'Neill 
Deliverables: Branding, Art Direction, Concept, Graphic Design, Web Design 

With a great heritage and wide exposure on the European market, O’Neill was looking for a mirror to better define who it is. At the end of 2018, Flirt Creativity started by crafting the values, the mission and the positioning of the brand into a contemporary reflection of their persona.

The story started with Jack O’Neill, who always looked for ways to enjoy surf and summer for longer - this is how he invented the wetsuit - sharing with the world a way to keep summer always with them. 


And so, his words became one of our core beliefs, because O’Neill’s summer is more than just a season, it’s a feeling that is carried with us all year long.     

This mantra became the basis of all future communication, and the marketing slogan used throughout the year. Consequently, we made a series of style guides that defined the branding and visual communication for different seasons. This partnership with the brand has led us to execute various materials for O’Neill. From website design, brochures and stationary, to in-store communication and window displays.