Client: MBO Amersfoort
Deliverables: Strategy | logo | branding | styleguide | photography 

MBO Amersfoort started a new beauty- and hairsalon as training company for their students. It started as a pitch, which we've won and our relationship started. We build an identity to change the collective view of a training company within the hair and beauty sector. The common view is that students can cut a decent haircut, but isn't as good as a regular hair dresser. This is a coginitive mistake. The students are creative, eager and get the best supervision they need to be as good as any other person in the sector. 

For the students, the way that they are being perceived has an impact on their personal qualities and growth. Learning by doing! 

How did we change the perception 

To tackle these to things, we created an identity to aspire and inspire students. So they can grow faster and be proud to work and learn in 'Salon de Nieuwe Stad'. 

It's positioned as a high-end salon but still speaks to the students style since there usualy is an age gap between student and client. The identity gives confidence to potential clients; they perceive and receive a result full of quality. A confident client is a confident student and vice-versa.