Site: www.kiesteevee.nl
Client: MBO Amersfoort
Deliverables: Strategy | concept | social media campaign | online videos | video production | video editing | influencer marketing | social community

For MBO Amersfoort, one of our longtime and most valuable clients, we were asked to develop a lifestyle campaign to make a deeper connection with their primary target group; potential new students. After some research among the younger members of our creative team, we experienced that to reach out to the youth, we had to provide them with some kick-ass and entertaining online video content

We decided to develop a multi-channel online concept consisting of a dedicated YouTube channel to distribute online videos and to build a vibrant social community to gather new dedicated followers.

The right personality

All that was left to do was to connect a well-known Youtube superstar that was very popular among the targetgroup to convey the message. We hooked-up with @Kalvijn, also known as @Kelvlog. Having 425K Youtube subscribers, and being the talented and passionated personality he is, made him the perfect match. We designed and built kiesteevee.nl on which potential students having trouble picking the right education, could subscribe. 

After picking the most interesting cases, we filmed, produced and edited six videos with @Kalvijn, that were distributed via the Youtube channel. During the the kick-off, an Instagram take-over by @Kalvijn did the magic. We look back at a very successful campaign, positioning the client as the place to go to! Never too cool for school.