Client: IT's Perfect  
Deliverables: Concept, Branding, Graphic design

IT’s Perfect is an innovative provider of ERP systems for the fashion industry, who’s software is effective and user-friendly, but who’s branding and way of communicating was complicated and confusing, translating into a website which was hard to navigate.    

By delving into the essence of the company’s product and market place, our creative team found inspiration in the idea of fashion meets tech. The 1’s and 0’s that make up the binary code of computer language became the building blocks of our graphical execution when turned into abstract shapes. Whereas the flirty colour palette and gradient that mimics the flow of fabric was inspired by the jacquard weaving machine.

All along, the solution to IT’s Perfect’s branding was in their story.   


By turning our attention to copywriting, and mirroring the straightforwardness of IT’s Perfect’s solutions, a genuine yet functional tone of voice was developed and translated into all related communication materials, including the values that the brand stood for.    

Our execution of the new identity extended to the company’s major communication tools, including the complete re-design of the website, development of custom icons, as well as creation of online marketing materials that yielded higher click-through rates onto their website.