Client: Girav
Deliverables: Strategy, Concept, Design, Shoot Production, TV Commercial, Photography 

For Girav, Holland’s most know provider of long fit t-shirt, we created a whole new re-branding strategy that would re-invent the company as more contemporary, relevant and bolder than ever.    

By tackling the all-important house style first, we worked tirelessly on a new logo and graphical style before translating that into the brand’s packaging. Knowing that the brand used TV, outdoor and radio advertising as their main way of communication, we then set about implementing the newly re-branded Girav across these mediums. 

Working closely with the company, Flirt developed a strategy that would attract new audiences without excluding the existing customer base. Flirt Creativity was responsible for the entire concept and shoot production, selected Paul Bakker to modernise the brand’s imagery, and working with our in-house Videographer to capture a TV commercial that communicated Girav’s main USP, as well as present themselves in a new way.    

As well as editing the TV commercial, we were also responsible for developing a bespoke music track to compliment the edit, that could be featured on and off air. Furthermore, we chose the stills and created the campaign treatment that would be featured across