Every Body Counts


Client: Club Pellikaan
Deliverables: Concept | Strategy | Online Commercial | Outdoor | Bannering| Photography | Pre-Production | Production | Post-Production | Editing | Color Grading | Voice Over 

Every body counts is the campaign proposition for Club Pellikaan in 2017. Counting is key in fitness, for counting steps, to breathing, timing, repetitions, sets and so on. Every body counts also puts the focus on your body. On every body, whether you a tall, small, big or thin. Part of the campaign strategy is to create relevant online (video) content.  To further engage the target group, we developed the concept, strategy and production for the online commercial. The movie explains the different ways people count during sports. We believe that everybody counts, no matter what age, gender or level you practice. This is shown in the video concept. 

Flirt Creativity was responsible for the concept, script and storyboard. The pre-production was done by Flirt, working closely together with Club Pellikaan’s marketing manager. Cinematography, direction and editing done by Flirt.  Next to the brand movie and the online commercial, we edited a Youtube preroll and several online social media video edits for the campaign. Photography done during the shoot was used to develop the online and offline part of the campaign, such as posters, direct mailing and online display bannering. Results from the campaign were astonishing and all targets were achieved.