Client: Ballast Nedam
Deliverables: Illustration | Animation

When Wouter Beelen presented us his unique business case, we were stunned. Isn't this already done? We had to dive deep into the mobility and transportation sector to find out. What we discovered was completely the opposite...Ballast Nedam wanted to connect all free parking spaces and their facilities for truckers and their precious cargo. So they can easily plan for the long trip they are going to make, delivering their goods. 

By collecting all the generated data from the connected Truckparkings they can provide a unique insight for the truckers, transportation companies and governments. In addition they can use al the data for future insights and predictions in the world of transportation and mobility.In this ongoing (so stay tuned) project we first created an animation to present this complete and complex case to the board and stakeholders.

Data is the new marketing.