Bakerline branding


Client: Bakerline
Deliverables: Brand strategy | Logo design | Branding | Styleguide | Brand positioning | Graphic design | DTP | Project management | Pre-press

This positioning and branding for Bakerline was something special. We were building the brand while the process of finding the right cake was just started. 

While most cake brand focus heavily on the young and healthy woman, we positioned it without excluding the male counterpart.

Logo design

The idea was that the cake was as pure as possible. The less as possible ingredients. Therefor we created a mark that in build from three simple shapes. Simple geometry. The typeface is bold, maybe even manly. This is contrast with a more elegant a photography is a beautiful mix to address both sexes.


In the first stadia of finding the right cake, it would have been a 'baked' cake. Therefor we chose to use warm yellow that would represent the warmth of an oven and the main ingredient, eggs. Although it became a raw and vegan cake — and the oven and eggs were removed — the colour was already part of the DNA of the brand. And it remained a bold and different approach than all the pastel colors the competitors choose to use.

Ellen Hoog

Bakerline had the utmost honour to have Olympic hockey player Ellen Hoog as their Brand Ambassador. She developed her own favourite Bakerline 'Ellen Hoog' cake, and even personally attended the Bakerline launch party! You go guys.