Words Open New Worlds


Client: ThiemeMeulenhoff  
Deliverables: Concept, Branding, Graphic design, Photoshoot, Production 

Leading publisher ThiemeMeulenhoff has an impressive portfolio of sub brands, with NewInterface being their leading English teaching method.  But the brand had something missing, whilst their tools offered thorough exam preparation with a relevance to real-world contexts – the connection between their target group was missing.

With Flirt being an international team of creatives, we know more than anyone that the English language is the universal liaison. The language of the earth, the common thread that unites people and ideas. For us, this was all about creating a campaign that underlined the benefit of having 21stcentury linguistic skills. Showing how the language of the Earth can be the key to expand our views and bring new experiences. 

With this as both our starting point and our goal, we worked intensively in developing a compelling and activating brand concept, graphic identity and supporting imagery.       

The use of bold typography emphasised how words can expand into new life paths, whilst a graphical grid symbolised life paths and opportunities & allowed for organised content. But Flirt’s work is layered and rich, meaning the choice of mirrors in the photography also symbolised the idea of a door to another world. The result sees engagement with the audience built through the application of the total concept onto book covers which students interact with on a daily basis.