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Club Pellikaan - Every Body Counts

PME Legend - Skymaster commercial

Brunotti - Get on Board campaign

Brunotti - SUP Social media campaign

SKA - Rebranding with a smile

Club Pellikaan - Rebranding

Bakerline - Branding

Brunotti - FW15/16 Campaign

Cast Iron - Rebranding the Knights

PME Legend - Commander campaign

PME Legend - Aviator campaign

Jumping Jack - Bouncing Branding

Bare Metal Jeans campaign

Walmac - Branding and webdesign

Symbios - Online platform

Travelbird - Magazine

Salon de nieuwe stad - Branding

PME Legend - Heritage movie

Brunotti - FW 2016 Campaign

Vouwwagenzaak - Branding

Strategy, concept, advertising and innovative design

From a corporate rebranding, to graphic design, or the complete creation and design of a new brand, Flirt Branding can distill the essence and visualization of your brand.

What can we do for you?

Flirt Branding can create a stand-alone product, but can also be part of a bigger 360º campaign. Either way, we have the people and creativity to create beautiful branding productions. A successful brand consists out of many essential elements. We build brands using several steps according to our successful formula.


We analyse and determine the brand values to create a unique brand proposition. We translate every mental aspect of your brand into a sensory output to align nicely with your brand philosophy. The complete sensory branding is bundled into a style guide. The people are your brand. Live and behave according to your brand philosophy, and results will follow! 

Effective campaigns?

Once your brand proposition is defined, we can develop effective advertising campaigns by implementing strategy, concept and creation.


We define the ultimate campaign strategy to accomplish your goals. These goals can either be brand- or turnover related. We make your brand stand out.


After defining the campaign strategy, we develop a creative campaign concept in which we develop the campaign message and campaign output to generate maximum impact.


After the strategy being determined and the concept being ready-to-go, we start making things tangible. By writing strong short- and long copywriting, art direction and high-end graphic design we create a memorable image in your customer’s head.

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