Building a brand is creating a story.

Video content is hot. Hotter than ever! For years, we believe that relevant content is the way to visualize the story behind your brand.

 A-Z video productions

Because of our long-term experience in the production of videoccontent for major sports, fashion and corporate businesses, is Flirt Video your partner in the production of a brand- or campaign movie. For the writing of the script and the scouting of the actors and locations, till the direction, recording and post-production. We have the knowledge, experience and the right people to create your video from A to Z.


We have a huge network of experienced actors, models, stylists, gaffers and sound engineers, we can even support you by buying airtime and the handover of your commercial at major television and radio outlets. The next step is the implementation of the video in your campaign strategy.


In the current online world, your target audience gets overwhelmed by content. That is why it is more important than ever to stand out. A beautiful way to tell your story of communicatie numbers and figures, is by animation or infographic. Flirt Creativity take care of the full production of every animation and infographics. We develop the concept, write the script and design every graphic element. These elements will be edited as the animation and in addition, we make sure your movie will het a great voice-over and spot on sound design. Everything is custom made; the content, graphic style, length and tone of voice.


In this phase we imagine how to create magnetism between brand and customer. By builidng a moodboard, script, storyboard, voice-over, location and possible extra crew, we bundle the ingredients for the perfect shooting day or days. Preperation is everything.


During the production of the movie all the ingredients come to life. With a director, director of photography, sound guy and art-director we already have a nice crew. Because of our huge network of film professionals, we can plug in people and shoot according to your needs. From gaffers to make-up artist, we have the contacts. In addition to professionals we also have equipment to produce high quality movies. The famous Red camera is a proud member of the Flirt family. This camera can shoot Hollywood-standard footage and therefor sets the bar to the highest level.

Final product 

After the images are shot and the sound is recorded, the music gets made and the voice-over gets spoken in. Next we edit, composit and grade the footage that has been shot. When this precise work is done, we deliver the movie in the format or formats you wish to receive.

Storytelling, video is the way to go