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This is where it all begins. We believe great vision makes a great brand. It’s the almighty power of creative ambition that helps businesses grow into strong entities.

As a crew of innovative wanderers and cultural explorers, we know all peculiarities of the industry. From business development and strategic marketing, to project and campaign creation. We support a wide-range of services that make brands lift off.


It’s important for brands to know their customer’s wishes and expectations. We know what’s up and this enables us to make a difference in a very monotone industry by delivering powerful, incomparable ideas.

Through our combined knowledge in technology and digital marketing, we deliver both online and offline campaigns that help brands accelerate and grow.

We provide a broad set of services in -house to cater all of our clients’ needs and are able to craft 360° campaigns combining concepts and ideas into digital action and transformation.


Our dedicated video production team takes content to its full potential by only creating work that is unique and relevant.

FLIRT has a crush on the wildest imaginations and loves to create original films and video campaigns for global audiences.Developing and producing a wide range of digital mediums varying from original brand films and promotional showreels to premium feature episodes and media content.

Besides having a wide global network to set- up productions, we also provide a great set of services in-house.

We bring whatever is required to the table.


Only by continuously challenging the industry’s boundaries, can groundbreaking results be achieved.

We believe in the power of creative storytelling, paired with avant - garde technology to drive people’s engagement and raise brands to a higher level.We craft a blend of philosophy and strategy, with 15 years of experience and proven gut- feeling.

We understand the challenges brands face and know how to respond dynamically, and most of all creatively.


We believe in the power of first impressions and merge engaging with informative content that helps brands earn their audience’s attention.

We are a team of dreamers, writers, editors, creators, content makers, and data specialists.We transform the use of social media by creating meaningful relationships through engagement, optimization, and activation.

Our portfolio navigates through different branches, perimeters and disciplines, this enables us to offer multiple in-house resources to service various needs.


From creating websites, webshops, apps, and digital marketing solutions like AR and VR filters, to developing giphys, stickers or other innovative ingenuities.

We have an in -depth understanding of the kinds of connections needed within organizations and know exactly how to turn concepts and ideas into digital action and transformation.