Doe 't super safe

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MBO Amersfoort approached us as a school who had the challenging task of being GDPR proof. They wanted help in getting the interest of every teacher, students and employee within the school to be interested and aware of their policy. Policy measures included restrictions on teachers starting WhatsApp groups with their class, or the use of USB sticks for file transfers. Our question to ourselves was ‘how can we make the launch of the new policies sexier in its communication and create ambassadors through a campaign’? We know that even if there is nothing to hide, data is worth a lot. It’s the new currency. That’s why we were proud to work with MBO Amersfoort as an organisation who is ahead of the game concerning data protection.


Protecting data is full of its own challenges and threats, but MBO Amersfoort knows how to be super safe. Creating a link between ‘safe’ and ‘sexy’ made our idea fun and appealing to everyone. For us, it was all about getting attention with a subtle wink to the play on words. But the undertone of the metaphor was serious and had an ambitious message which wanted to excite and kick-start a change in behaviour. This substance was crucial in ensuring our idea was taken seriously and would have the desired effect.


The bold and modern design which used some retro digital details had stopping power on posters throughout the schools. The launch of the campaign was also aligned with MBO Amersfoort’s annual ‘kennisfestival’, with a stand-up comedian doing the kick-off to huge success which ensured the client was more secure for the future.

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